What is an LMS or Learning management System

A Learning management system or LMS is software or web LMSbased application used to manage online training or learning for individuals or businesses. An LMS allows an organisation to easily create, deploy and manage their staff or organisational learning requirements.

To use a web based Learning Management System then all you need is a web browser and an LMS account and an individual can log in, view and complete a training course in their own time and at their own pace. On the business side the LMS allows the organisational management create learning content,
track and monitor their staff training and verify their new skills or knowledge.

Key feature of a Learning Management System ( LMS )
The key features of a web based LMS include :

Manage and configure entire training courses in one learning environment
The LMS gives a course instructor the ability and tools to create training content and deploy it
in one fully controlled learning environment. The course can be broken down into smaller sections or elements and easily managed from one LMS location.

Manage a learner or student cycle from beginning to end
The LMS facilities the enrollment of students or participants and tracks their training, progress and performance from beginning to completion. The system can also manage the interaction between instructor and learner.

Ability to use multiple training content types
The LMS allows the use of various training content types which can include video, text, quizes, MCQ (Multiple choice questions), Virtual classrooms, etc. This can suit different types or methods of training and different participant learning styles

Can incorporate a way of measuring the success of learning
The LMS can have a pre-course or training assessment built into it and a post course assessment to measure the success of the learning on completion. The system can allow for exams to be conducted and assessed by an instructor or manager.

Can run on any web or cloud platform
The LMS as a web based application is designed to run on any web platform or system and can be accessed by any browser on a PC or tablet type device with internet access. This allows for
access to learning from any location and through any internet ready device.

These key features allow for a Learning management system to be flexible enough to meet all the training needs of a business, organisation or individual.