Technology is Changing IT Roles. Are You Keeping Up or Falling Behind?

Constant change and turnover in tools, technologies and skillsets is a given in the modern world of information technology. IT roles and responsibilities continue evolving in response to the digital transformation that’s ongoing in most organizations. Small, medium-sized, or large organizations must cope with change as they seek to survive—and hopefully, thrive—in this ever-shifting landscape.

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7 Steps for Deploying IT Skills Frameworks

Deploying an IT skills framework is not an overwhelming activity although it takes commitment, planning and resources. In the end, it will contribute to the overall return on investment (ROI) for the business. You can think of this as being analogous to the costs associated with maintaining outdated technology.

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IT Salary Trends: 2014 vs. Previous Years

The results are in, and 2014 has shown improvement across the board in regards to base salaries, raises, and bonuses for respondents to Global Knowledge’s yearly IT Skills & Salary Survey. The survey, one of the industry’s largest of its kind, was conducted in the fall of 2013. Results were published in the Global Knowledge 2014 IT Skills & Salary Report and included input from more than 12,000 North American respondents in both IT and business fields.

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