Why Initial and Ongoing Training is the Solution for IT Skills Gaps

As organizations struggle to balance budgets and prioritize training, skills gaps are growing—75% of North American decision-makers report existing skills gaps. With so much on the line, initial and ongoing training is instrumental to filling skills gaps and avoiding potentially disastrous outcomes.

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Deploying IT Competency Frameworks – Identifying, Assessing, Acquiring and Maintaining Skills

I introduced the following seven-step process in my previous blog. In this blog I’ll provide an introduction to steps four through seven. A combination of three blogs will provide you with an holistic overview of the process for deploying IT competency frameworks and some of the key activities that are necessary for them to be successful and provide maximum value and benefit to your organization.

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Skills Gaps Are Impacting You and Your Business: What Can You Do About It?

From an employee’s perspective, skills gaps are dangerous. You might be an incredibly accomplished network administrator and yet end up displaced by a cloud administrator who has less depth of knowledge, but a wider set of interpersonal and process skills necessary to support a broader role.

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