Key Consulting Excel Skills – How to use Index Match in Excel for Consultants

Key Consulting Excel Skills

Do you still use the Excel formula VLOOKUP for your lookups? In consulting, this is considered unprofessional for many use cases. Index Match is a better alternative. How to use Index Match in Excel – is this a question that you ask yourself? In this video, I will explain in detail what Index Match is and how it works. It is a powerful Excel formula, providing a 2-dimensional lookup into any data table. In many MBB consulting firms like McKinsey, BCG or Bain, young consultants are asked to learn Index Match early on as Excel essentials. It is part of many management consulting training programs. Learn Index Match in Excel for consultants with this video. It is an Index Match tutorial for Excel and will help you improve your Excel skills. Get ready for your next consulting job with these advanced Excel skills. Do not use VLOOKUP, as it has significant downsides over INDEX MATCH. This is advanced Excel for Accounting and Finance professionals, as well as management consultants. Credit Firm Learning

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