How to Use Excel’s New TAKE Function to Impress Your Boss and Colleagues

Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks

This tutorial is a step by step deep dive into understanding how to use the Excel TAKE function. With the new TAKE function in Microsoft Excel you can extract a specified number of rows or columns from the start or end of your dataset. This opens many opportunities for data extraction and calculations in combination with other Excel functions. For example, you can combine TAKE with the FILTER function. This way you can filter your dataset by certain criteria and then return the top/bottom rows. Or combine TAKE with SORTBY to sort your data by a certain column and then return the top/bottom N results. We’ll also cover how you can combine TAKE with another new function: VSTACK. If you’re wondering what the difference between TAKE and CHOOSECOLS or CHOOSEROWS functions are, I cover that in the tutorial.

Credit Leila Gharani

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