Want a Strong ITIL Strategy? Start with the Right People

Many ITIL® training alums may wonder, “Now that I’ve learned these best practices, how do I actually implement them in my workplace?”

An effective ITIL strategy is the product of a concerted focus on people, process and technology, as well as an ongoing, cost effective and valuable IT service management (ITSM) practice.

While processes and technology play key roles in ITSM, the role of people resources and capabilities cannot be understated. When entering an organization, people start out as a resource (raw material). Training and skills development help your people mature into capable teams that have the ability to carry out your ITIL initiative, execute your processes and deliver value to customers and users. Without an ongoing training program, your ITIL initiative is at risk.

Poorly trained managers and staff:

  • Lack the understanding and motivation to drive the ITIL initiative forward, which puts the success of IT Service Management at risk.
  • Lack the skills and knowledge to implement the processes and build functional teams.

With a concerted training program and a training plan for each role, your team will become a unified powerhouse that will propel your ITSM initiative to long-term success. Service and process owners will carry out their roles effectively, ensuring that quality robust services are defined while supporting processes guarantee a quality delivery. Practitioners—the individuals and teams carrying out the various steps of your processes—will have the skills and understanding to execute the processes consistently and efficiently, delivering high availability and performance of your services.

Your staff may have completed the first step—ITIL Foundation training—but that only establishes ITIL groundwork. You still need the skilled people capabilities to truly be successful with your ITIL initiative. In order to equip people assets, your staff’s foundational knowledge must be enhanced with ITIL Intermediate training.

For more tips on how to implement ITIL’s best practices into your organization, see the white paper, You’ve Completed ITIL® Foundation: Now How to Implement It.

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