How Secure is PowerShell?

Have you been afraid to implement PowerShell in your environment because of security fears? The reality of PowerShell security doesn’t always match the perception. When compared to other scripting languages, PowerShell is actually more secure by default.

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Powershell Security Model: Script Security Officer, Part 2

In the first post in this series, we explored the security need for an IT professional to identify who the author of a piece of code (like a PowerShell script) is. The challenge with that is producing evidence of the identity of the author that’s formatted in a way that the consumer of that script can use it.

That interaction is somewhat like the interaction between a speeder and a police officer. The officer needs to prove the identity of the driver in much the same way that an IT pro needs to identify a scripter. The officer can ask for a driver’s license, but what can an IT Pro ask for?

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