IT Salary Trends: 2014 vs. Previous Years

The results are in, and 2014 has shown improvement across the board in regards to base salaries, raises, and bonuses for respondents to Global Knowledge’s yearly IT Skills & Salary Survey. The survey, one of the industry’s largest of its kind, was conducted in the fall of 2013. Results were published in the Global Knowledge 2014 IT Skills & Salary Report and included input from more than 12,000 North American respondents in both IT and business fields.

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The Differences in Government Employee Compensation

Compensation in terms of base salary varies significantly within the different levels of government. In the 2013 IT salary and skills study, we took a look at the different areas of IT personnel in the government and compared them to their peers across all industries. Here is what we found..

Respondents from the public sector, including federal, state, and local, accounted for twelve percent of the overall response for the United States and Canada (n = 1,423) with the United States being three out of four government respondents (n = 1,048). The responses ranged throughout the three government branches with 46% (federal) and 54% (state and local).

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