Securing the Data Center’s Future Today

The highlight of last month’s RSA Conference for me by far was Cisco Systems Senior Vice President, Chris Young’s keynote entitled, Securing the Data Center’s Future Today. I heard of the former RSA VP and VMware exec at the 2012 RSA Conference. The Harvard and Princeton grad is a compelling speaker, and this year’s keynote was no different.

Young focused his attention on software-defined networking which is the “game changer” for the next generation of data centers.

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Cybersecurity Takes Forefront at RSA Conference

It’s an exciting time to attend the RSA Conference next week in San Francisco. With a theme of Where the World Talks Security, RSA realizes cybersecurity has never been more important in our world than it is now. Even the mainstream media is taking notice of major data breaches.

Companies, as well as government agencies, all face a questionable budgetary future and have to take a different look at cybersecurity. It’s become a vital issue organizations have to balance, finding better ways to stay safe while at the same time being pushed to the limit financially.

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Risk Management with RSA’s Archer GRC Framework

Risk is something we deal with on a daily basis. Living in New Jersey and having the occasional storm, I’ve recently performed my own risk assessment determining the value of certain assets and activities and made a decision on what I was willing to spend to reduce risk to what I perceived as an acceptable level. My management of risk was a rather simple case. Sure, in my revised business continuity plan for my home, I’ll make sure that I have more D cell batteries, have my garage door adjusted so it opens manually again, more food I can heat on a stove and that doesn’t rely on refrigeration, and finally I’ll consider a whole house gas generator that uses natural gas, which has always been available to power critical systems like the sump pump in my basement. What if, however, I was a really large business? One with lots of components and interdependencies that require a tight integration in order to succeed? How and where can a large volume of information necessary to management, business continuity, and disaster recovery be correlated and communicated to those individuals who, because of their roles and responsibilities, need to make the critical decisions regarding the management of risk?

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