Course Spotlight: Introduction to Cisco Programmability

The Introduction to Cisco Programmability course provides a comprehensive introduction to the methods, applications and utilities available to programmatically deploy and manage Cisco devices.

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Tips for Implementing Network Programmability on Cisco Devices

As the size of data networks and data centers grow, so too does the burden on engineers who have to implement changes.  Many organizations have hundreds and even thousands of networking devices. Managing each one, one at time, is wasteful and cost prohibitive compared to what can be achieved with automation. For those who’ve worked …

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4 Reasons Why Now is the Right Time to Learn Web Development with TypeScript

Whether you’re a JavaScript beginner, expert or fanatic–now is a great time to learn TypeScript, a programming language designed to make JavaScript strongly typed and capable of supporting large-scale web applications. TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, and its recent release, TypeScript 2.0, adds extra features, such as glob support, to make a developer’s life easier.

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