Examining the 6 Layers of AWS Security

If your InfoSec team finds itself tasked to “do more with less,” there are few platforms better suited to that requirement than AWS. Let’s examine the top concepts, services and tools that provide your AWS-hosted apps with the same enterprise level security that Amazon.com, itself, enjoys.

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Building A Better Password

As a cybersecurity enthusiast for years, I am intrigued whenever there is a huge headline-making, media-frenzied security breach. Take, for instance, those two million passwords that were hacked earlier this month from social media sites, including Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and even my venerable Twitter. At the same time, I am disappointed. The fight against cybercrime is never ending, but winning a battle or two would be nice.

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Applying the Four Standards of Security-Based CIA

Constant change in the technology landscape has been mirrored by the steady evolution of information security. The current information system environment is increasingly complex, comprising storage, servers, LANs/WANs, workstations, Unified Communications, Intranet, and Internet connections.

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