How to Use Orchestration Designer Successfully with Avaya Aura Contact Center: Flow Versus Script

When given the option, how does one determine whether to work with a script or a flow? Is one format better than the other? What factors should be considered? Let’s explore! Arguments in favor of scripting:

“I know how to work with text.”
“I can interpret a script more easily than a flow.”
“I can create a script much more quickly than I can a flow.”
“I am supporting an existing system and scripts are already in place.”

Flows can be preferable because:

“I don’t have to learn the scripting language.”
“The picture is easier to follow than words.”
“The flow creates an easy sign-off document for customer acceptance. I don’t have to generate a separate flow chart in a different program.”
“The system is a new installation and the customer wants to make changes after the system in place.”

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